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120 Non Drip Taper Candles.


120 Catering Candles

Product description:  120 Hand Dipped Non Drip Taper Candles.  (Carton - 20 packs of 6)

Hand dipped tapers, in an elegant over dipped finish. Ideal for the catering industry.  Dripless, long lasting high quality, they burn with a steady flame without producing smoke or mess.

Dimensions:  25cm long with a base diameter of 2.2cm.

Duration:  Burn time of approximately 7 hours.


  • Valued for their reliability and non-drip quality.
  • Top quality pure paraffin wax
  • Steady flame
  • No smoke or mess
  • Can be purchased in packs of 6
  • Available in the following standard colors, white, bottle green, golden yellow, iris, lilac, dark red and champagne.