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Night clubs

Light Sparkles Champagne Sparklers and Ice Fountains for UK Nightclubs.

Night clubs – Maximize Revenue by Using Champagne Sparklers with your Bottle Service

 Light Sparkles champagne sparklers attached to a bottle when lit and paraded through a nightclub, attract attention and create instant excitement.  Anticipate and be ready for the rush of additional orders that come with each bottle delivered.

At Light Sparkles we recommend that when you deliver a bottle to a table, attach champagne sparklers to the neck of the bottle or put the champagne sparklers in the ice bucket.  Ice fountains can also be used with trays of shots and birthday cakes to make your customers party the centre of attention.

Ice fountains can sell multiple bottles.

Danmade Ice Fountains are a show stopping product that lights instantly and are un-miss able.  These champagne sparklers emit a shower of sparkling pinpoints of light for 45 seconds creating an electric atmosphere and are a great way to add vibrant energy to a nightclub. Light Sparkles’ Ice Fountains are fashionable, attention grabbing and can improve the service your special guests expect.

Our Ice Fountains are made of a cardboard tube, which ignites immediately when a Danmade lighter or match is applied to the filled end of the champagne sparklers, sparking off a show of fizzing cascading stars.

FOR A WHOLESALE QUOTE PLEASE CALL 01359 242292 or e mail:

Light Sparkles are supplied wholesale to restaurants in the following quantities:

  • Box of 36 ice fountains,
  • Carton of 5 boxes or 180 ice fountains.
  • Carton of 12 boxes or 432 ice fountains.
  • Carton of 24 boxes or 864 ice foutnains.

Light Sparkles Champagne Sparklers are:

  • Safe.                                
  • High Quality.
  • Easy to light.
  • Conform to European Standard BS EN 14035-15.
  • NAMAS tested (Non-toxic safe for use near food).
  • Cardboard tube constructed (no hot wire burns).
  • Burn no hotter than a candle.
  • The best way to promote and sell champagne or bottle service.


These champagne sparklers are used by all the major night clubs. Ice fountains will dazzle nearby tables and encourage more sales. See our champagne sparklers video on our home page.