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Light Sparkles

Light Sparkles will make your celebration a memorable occasion. Light Sparkles create a high and an electric atmosphere with the arrival of a cake of dessert. They emit a shower of sparkling pinpoints of light for 45 seconds. Light Sparkles are unforgettable and the exciting experience will delight and amaze.

How best to enjoy your Light Sparkles….

Insert the hollow end of the Light Sparkle into a PVC-free plastic holder. Place the light sparkle into a cake or dessert, dim the lights, apply a Danmade Lighter or match - and hey presto! 45 seconds of shooting stars in shimmering silver.


Danmade Light Sparkles are high quality and safe. The specially formulated pyrotechnic material contains neither barium nor heavy metals and there is no danger from ingestion of the combustion products. Once finished unlike a normal wire-based sparkler there are no hot wire burns as the tube can be handled. It should be noted at this stage the tube is hot 70 deg C, but it will not cause burns.

Each Light Sparkle is made of a cardboard tube, 120mm long and 15mm in diameter, which ignites immediately when a Danmade lighter or match is applied to the filled end.

Light Sparkles are

  • Safe
  • High Quality
  • Easy to light
  • Conform to European Standard EN14035-15
  • NAMAS tested (Non-toxic, safe for use near food)
  • Burns no hotter than a candle