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Ice Fountain Birthday Cake Sparklers for UK Parties by Danmade Ltd.


The Danmade Ice Fountain- An Ideal Accessory For Your Party.

Make your birthday party or celebration extra special for your family and friends.  Decorate your birthday cake with our spectacular ice fountain.
Every party needs a climax and the arrival of a cake is the perfect opportunity to add some pizzazz!  An ice fountain placed in a birthday cake or dessert  will emit countless silver sparkles for 45 seconds to delight and amaze.  Our ice fountain is much more spectacular, than wire sparklers or normal birthday cake candles.

Birthday Cake Sparklers are Safe

Light Sparkles Cake Sparklers are high quality and safe and they are completely non-toxic. Birthday Sparklers are specially formulated for use near food and there is no danger from ingestion of the combustion products. 
Birthday Sparklers candles packs of 2 come with PVC-free plastic holders attached ready to insert in your Birthday cake or dessert.
How best to enjoy your Danmade Cake Sparklers:

  • Prepare a 45 second "Happy Birthday" tape or CD.
  • Insert your cake sparklers into your dessert. Make it as spectacular looking as possible.
  • Dim the lights, play the tape and light your birthday sparklers.
  • Make a grand entrance with your cake held high on a metal tray, with the music on full blast.
  • At the end of 45 seconds, the tape stops, the cake sparklers go out and the lights come on
  •  Simple, Slick and Spectacular!  

 To Buy Packs of 2 Cake Sparklers For Your Party!

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