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Catering Candles

Catering Candles

Our catering candles are high quality, non-drip tapered dinner candles, equally ideal for home use or catering industry. They are 25 cm long with a base diameter of 2.2cm, and have a burn time of approximately 7 hours. Made from pure paraffin wax, they burn with a steady flame without producing smoke or mess. Catering candles are available in a variety of colours.

We are wholesale candle suppliers to many top restaurants where our candles are valued for their reliability and non-drip quality. Wholesale candles are available in boxes of 120 pieces.



Our tealights are the very best 4 – 5 hour burning tealights in aluminum cups. They are made from high quality wax and self sustaining wicks, ensuring that all of the wax is used as fuel for the flame.

Wholesale tealight candles are available in boxes of 500 pieces.