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Light Sparkles Dessert Fountains and Cake Sparklers by Danmade

We have been supplying Light Sparkles Dessert Fountains for over 20 years.
Light Sparkles supply only the finest cake sparklers and dessert fountains. Customer surveys have shown that the consistency of our cake sparklers and the special emphasis on delivery reliability have been the key factor in differentiating Danmade cake sparklers from its competitors.
Danmade’s light sparkles dessert fountains are supplied to a diversity of discerning end users who demand a constant supply of quality product backed up with reliable service commitment.
Danmade has become synonymous with consistency.  The proven product standard is evidenced by the long standing loyalty of key players in the catering industry.
Our cake sparklers always provide the appropriate ambience for any occasion and we supply
restaurant table candles and the unique Danmade Light Sparkles. Our dessert fountains are a safe form of indoor sparklers. Light Sparkles are used as celebration cake candles at birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations and corporate events, of all types.
We are also wholesale candle and tea light suppliers and manufactures.
Our cake sparklers, light sparkles dessert fountains and tea lights are perfect for any celebration and are ideal for home use, catering industry or licensed trade.


Danmade indoor sparklers are used as birthday cake candles for parties and celebrations at home or in restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. These birthday cake sparklers are a safe form of indoor fireworks and are also known as ice fountains, fountain candles, dessert fountains, indoor roman candles or birthday flares.

Danmade sparkler candles can be used to create a dazzling entrance with a birthday cake or dessert. When brought into a restaurant, function, or home party these indoor sparklers will delight and amaze. Danmade birthday cake sparklers are the centre of attention and once used are a must have item for a party, birthday celebration or wedding.

Danmade birthday cake sparklers are made of a cardboard tube 120mm long and 15mm in diameter, containing an active charge. These birthday cake sparklers will light immediately when a Danmade lighter or match is applied to the filled end.

These birthday cake sparklers are great for all types of parties and celebrations.